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I help moms create open communication and deepen relationships with their teenage daughters.

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Come to You About Anything?

Listen as I share tools & ways to create open communication with your girl. 

Be a part of a community that understands you and everything that comes along with raising a teen girl.

Learn specific communication steps that will create a safe space & gain tactical ways to respond to your changing girl.

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I know that communicating with your teenage girl is frustrating and sometimes, you feel stuck and even hopeless.

Let me show you how

But I also know that you're here because you don't want to give up.
You want her to come to you, even if she's scared.

It's time to start understanding your teen girl and create open communication. 

I’m Jeannie. 
I think back to when I was 13. I was that teenage girl you are googling about! Rebellious, hard to figure out, “hard-headed” as my mom would call me. She even said, “I don’t even know who you are anymore!”

I grew up a Catholic school girl whose first boyfriend was a gang member and I now live in the suburbs of San Diego with my handsome husband (who is not the said gang member) and 3 amazing children (young adults and teen!).  

I too found myself raising young teens. I too felt grieved by the loss of my sweet talkative little girl! I wanted her to come to me about anything even if she was scared and listen to my advice. So I get it mama!! 

My passion for healthy families as a former educator, a homeschooling family for several years, and a zeal to impact young teen girls led me to partner with moms like you and guide them to create safe, healthy relationships with their teens.

hey mama!

I’m called to help you create open communication with your teen girl!!

"Learning how to listen to understand our children's wants and needs is the foundation on which our relationships have grown with our children. It's been wonderful to hear insight from Jeannie on how to create open communication with my girls.

mom of 2 tween girls

Jennifer L.

"Truth with judgment pushes kids away; truth with relationship draws them to you."

~Mark Gregston


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Tune in as I teach you how to help you improve communication and strengthen your relationships with your teen girl.

You'll learn important skills and tools for your parenting toolbox including:
  • relationship-building exercises
  • creating a safe space, and more!
  • building a trust-worthy community of healthy friends and influence to confidently get you through this season of raising a teen girl

"I immediately experienced the positive impact taking this course had on my outlook with raising a teen...Not only did it provide me practical tools to grow and learn how to be the mom my daughter needs at this crucial season in her life, this course also provided a safe space for me to reflect and be encouraged by moms that is in the same phase of life. Jeannie and this course opened my eyes and heart to learning and understanding how to approach current challenges, while enjoying precious time I have with my teen.

mom of 3

Kristine S.



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